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Welcome to Tenipuri Confessions, your first ever tenipuri confessions' tumblr !

Here, you'll be able to send me your confessions concerning the whole Prince of Tennis fandom ( including external stuff like Tenimyu or games ) by using my Ask Page.


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Hello there ! ♥

Like you’ve seen it, Emi-Chan's going to take care of the blog. In other words, she is going to be the owner. Don't worry, I really trust in her, and you'll see, she is absolutely amazing ! x3

Be nice to her, and most of all… Don’t forget that editing confessions is not that easy, so be as indulgent with her as you were with me.

Thank you ! ♥

Hi minna-san~

I’m Emi-chan, and I’ll take care of this blog until the owner will decide that she’ll continue without me ! x) (I know that it’s weird say like that… but don’t worry XD I hope that you’ve understand, though :/)

I’m a big Prince of Tennis fan (but I didn’t watch the Tenimyu yet… T-T But I’m still a big fan, trust me ! ><) and my favorite character is Kikumaru Eiji ♥ (oh, don’t worry, you can say that you don’t like him in your confessions, I won’t say anything ^^)

If you want to know more about me, so just check my personal blog here => http://emii-chaan.tumblr.com/

Like the owner, I live in France and I’m a golden pair fan, huhu~ ♥

Nice to meet you ! :3 (feel free to talk to me, I won’t bite :p)